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Audrey Hepburn in Netherlands, 1966

All women are born bad. Some just realize their potential later in life than others.


Audrey Hepburn photographed with her husband Andrea Dotti and close friend Doris Brynner on vacation in Hydra, Greece,  July 1970.

Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her (1992)

Audrey Hepburn, age 2, tightly embracing her nanny, Greta, in 1931

"Audrey would come to my house and we’d have pasta and vanilla ice cream and fudge sauce. That was our great treat." Doris Brynner

"I know some people who eat nothing but salad and vinegar. But not her. She was always eating spaghetti or a verson of it." Audrey Wilder

"Don’t be married with beauty. Mix it up. Surprise people."  - Meryl Streep

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Norman Parkinson in 1955, at the location of War and Peace, Rome